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All-Star Lineup Baseball - Fast-paced, head-to-head or solo baseball action on your tabletop with no annoying tables or charts to lookup! 

 The FULL version includes:

  • Advanced Rules: Play with realistic game results that include ratings for Hitting, Pitching, Stolen Bases, and Fielding. Also play with platoon splits (Lefty vs Righty), and optional Ballpark and Weather factors.
  • Big League Teams: With the FULL version you get the all four Fall Classic teams from 2016 & 2017. Teams are printed full-color on 80lb, pre-perforated cardstock.
  • Full color neoprene 14x24 game playmat: Layout Home and Visitor lineups, track OUTS, INNINGS, SCORE, runner position on base. Also includes tokens to use for tracking everything - including which batters are on base.
  • Dice Set
    • Black Pitcher Dice Set (d6, d8)
    • Red Batter Dice (d6)
    • Green d20 for fielder selection
    • White d6 (additional slection)
  • Wildcards: Increase the number of rare actions that happen in your game, including Momentum Shifts, Injuries, Bench-clearing Brawls, and more!


  • If there is an issue with the components of the game and Barstool Games is at fault, Barstool Games will replace it at no cost. Return the damaged item (customer pays shipping), and Barstool Games will replace it at no cost. 

  • Domestic US shipping is included for the ASLB full version.

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