The Diamond Scorebook is a small-format (5.5" x 8.5"), coil-bound scorebook that's easy to take with you. Toss it in a backpack or bat bag and you're good to go! With a heavy-duty cover and strong coil binding, it will take a beating. 

  • Durable, stiff front and back covers
  • 164 pages - Enough for 82 games (1/2 an MLB season)
  • 80lb paper - Ink won't bleed through
  • 10 innings per team
  • Scoreboard for inning-by-inning scores
  • Room to track pitch counts for up to 7 pitchers per team
  • View a full game (both teams) at-a-glance with the book open, or easily fold back to view one team.


The Diamond Scorebook