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In 1967, both leagues voted to add 2 more teams each, to bring the league total to 24 teams, which started in 1969. Divisional play also began, with each league dividing into East and West division, creating another round of playoff games to decide the pennant winners.


The 1980s were relatively thin on high-end starting pitching and somewhat lacking in prolific sluggers, but there were a number of future Hall of Famers on the offensive side of things nonetheless.


Mike Schmidt and George Brett, perhaps the two greatest third basemen of all time, led the way alongside speedy Rickey Henderson who swiped 838 bases during the decade.


A trio of shortstops in Robin Yount, Alan Trammel and a young Cal Ripken were significant, as were three former Expos in Andre Dawson, Tim Raines and Gary Carter.


Pitchers Dwight Gooden and Roger Clemens ended the decade as the most dominant arms in baseball, even though both started their careers in 1984.


TOP 10 TEAMS SETS - 1981 to 1990

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